Partner With Us

Reseller Partners

We partner with many retail outlets, from boutique gift shops, flower shops, and larger outlets.

Like us, many retailors like to be different. Let us know if you would like to introduce special flavours that speak to your stores uniqueness. For example Scottish shops like to stock our Scotch Whisky range, or request other Scotch flavours to suit their store theme, and of course our iconic chocolate bars, including a unique range of ‘Postcard’ bars by Canadian artist Robert Johnson.

Winery & Distillery Partners

Belfry Chocolates are proud leaders in custom alcohol themed choco-lates. After much research we have developed recipes and formulas that result in authentic branded alcohol flavours with a uniquely textured finish. We have perfected the art of wine and icewine truffles in a unique way no others can match.

We are proud partners to some of Canada’s best known wineries be-cause we know how meet their high quality standards with taste, texture and tempering.


The Taste & Texture


Choose from our fine range of delicious chocolate bars.  Twelve bars come in decorative display boxes for easy positioning in the store, or near POS. 

Our Partners:  Lakeview Wine Co., Jackson-Triggs Winery, Beattie’s Distillers, Two Sisters Vineyards, Tawse Winery, The Scottish Loft, Burnett & Struth, Vince’s Markets, Sheldon Creek Dairy, Kurtz  Orchards,  Garden Foods, Hockley Valley General Store, Konzelmann Estate Winery, Southbrook Vineyards and more!